Boone Crockett Just Accepted These 16 New Records

Boone Crockett Just Accepted These 16 New Records Outdoor Life

16 New Big Game Animals Entered into the Boone & Crockett Record Books

The Boone & Crockett Club does more than just record the largest big game animals in America. The Missoula-based organization is known for keeping the records of the biggest game collected by sportsmen. The following entries to the Club’s 31st Annual Big Game Awards Program, happening next month in Missouri, include twelve pulse-quickening big game animals that will surely inspire hunters everywhere.

William Heinselman shot an incredible non-typical mule deer on Arizona’s Navajo Indian Reservation using a 28 Nosler. The buck has nearly 64 inches of abnormal points.

Jeff Hubbard of Virginia braved 80 mph wind gusts while hunting woodland caribou in Newfoundland. Despite the challenging weather, he managed to take down a 370 3/8-inch bull.

Paul Villeneuve hunted in Alberta and successfully dropped an impressive typical whitetail deer scoring 192 6/8 inches.

Alex Therrien stalked a musk ox in Canada’s untamed Northwest Territories and made a shot that may set a new world record, scoring 130-4/8 inches.

Sawyer Barrington’s black bear, taken from Beaufort County in North Carolina, is the third largest bear in the state, with a skull scoring 22 7/16 inches.

Joe Stout used a crossbow to tag a massive non-typical mule deer in Ford County, Kansas, making it the top non-typical mule deer out of the state in over two decades.

Boone Crockett Just Accepted These 16 New Records Outdoor Life

Bowhunter Jared Bradshaw went to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and stalked to only 35 yards of a brown bear, with its skull measuring 28-15/16 inches.

Archer Gerard O’Hare traveled to Newfoundland, Canada in 2019 to hunt woodland caribou and ended up with a record-book bull scoring 323 5/8 inches.

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Greg Schweiss hunted in South Dakota and tagged an impressive Rocky Mountain goat at only 30 yards with a .30-06.

Paul Bishop shot a New Hampshire black bear weighing over 500 pounds with a skull that measured 20 14/16 inches.

Lawrence Ward took down a Roosevelt’s elk, which is the 9th biggest ever taken.

Tavis Rodgers used a longbow to take a record non-typical Columbia blacktail deer.

Louisiana hunter Bill Jenkins posed with a stud of a brown bear, taken in Alaska.