Breaking the Rules to Kill a Bull Elk from the Archives

Breaking the Rules to Kill a Bull Elk, from the Archives IT HAD BEEN the most frustrating, yet glorious, week of elk hunting imaginable. The section of southwestern Montana I hunted was crawling with elk. Bulls appeared daily, sometimes multiple times, but by the sixth day, I hadn’t drawn my bow. A few smaller bulls … Read more

Can You Eat Wild Hog In Short Hell Yeah

Can You Eat Wild Hog? Yes Even big, smelly hogs can exude flavor and drip succulence when cooked correctly. Here we break down everything you need to know to cook wild hog. What’s the Difference Between Wild and Domestic Pigs? Domestic pigs weren’t domestic in the U.S. until Columbus brought them over in 1493. Free-range … Read more

Best Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics for Halloween Week

Best Deer Hunting Tips for Halloween Week If I had one week to deer hunt, I’d choose Halloween week. Over the past three years, I’ve observed a noticeable increase in bucks moving during daylight hours around this time. In fact, two years ago, I harvested the largest buck on our farm on October 24th, and … Read more

Bowhunter Arrows Big 15-Pointer on a Small Ohio Farm

Bowhunter Arrows Big 15-Pointer on Small Ohio Farm At 28, Landon Kirby is an experienced hunter with several bucks to his credit (including his first buck, a 150-class deer he tagged at age 12). “I have small leases for deer hunting near Cincinnati,” the nurse and father of two tells Outdoor Life. “I’ve got eight … Read more

Bowhunter Ties Wisconsin State-Record Black Bear

Bowhunter Sets Wisconsin State Record for Largest Black Bear Wisconsinite Bill Foster set a new state record in September 2022, arrowing a massive black bear. This achievement ties the record for the largest black bear ever taken with a bow and ranks as the fourth-largest black bear in the Pope & Young record book. A … Read more

The Ford Bronco is the Ultimate 4×4

Truck Review: Ford’s New Bronco Is the Ultimate 4×4 The new Ford Bronco is the most capable 4×4 you can buy for both off-road and on the highway. While this proficiency will appeal to sportsmen and women who need to access challenging terrain, there are practical limitations based on its abilities. I’ll explain why the … Read more

Duck Hunting Fields in Canada Is a Waste of Time

Don’t Waste Your Time Field Hunting as a DIY Duck Hunter in Canada A two-hour hunt over water in western Alberta yielded eight ducks per hunter. Each hunter used a twisty tie or twine around the legs of their ducks for identification. Andrew Klatt Every September, duck hunters head north to the western provinces of … Read more