Breaking the Rules to Kill a Bull Elk from the Archives

Breaking the Rules to Kill a Bull Elk, from the Archives IT HAD BEEN the most frustrating, yet glorious, week of elk hunting imaginable. The section of southwestern Montana I hunted was crawling with elk. Bulls appeared daily, sometimes multiple times, but by the sixth day, I hadn’t drawn my bow. A few smaller bulls … Read more

Bowhunter Tags Double Palmated Buck After Passing It Two Years

Bowhunter Tags Double Palmated Buck After 2-Year Wait In the heat of the rut, South Dakota bowhunter Shauna Woodward patiently waited for a unique palmated whitetail buck nicknamed “Moose.” Glassing from her favorite spot on her 1,000-acre cattle ranch, Woodward watched bucks chase does and fight each other. She sat near a grove of cedar … Read more

Texas Hunter Gets Tossed by a 300-Pound Wild Boar

Texas Deer Hunter Tossed by 300-Pound Wild Boar, Shoots It from 5 Feet Brenden Bennett recalls the nearby pine thicket erupting in a way he had never experienced before. Suddenly, he found himself lying on his back. Just thirty minutes earlier, Bennett had finished an evening sit at one of his family’s deer blinds near … Read more

Can You Eat Wild Hog In Short Hell Yeah

Can You Eat Wild Hog? Yes Even big, smelly hogs can exude flavor and drip succulence when cooked correctly. Here we break down everything you need to know to cook wild hog. What’s the Difference Between Wild and Domestic Pigs? Domestic pigs weren’t domestic in the U.S. until Columbus brought them over in 1493. Free-range … Read more

The Deer Wagon I Traded My Silverado for a Subaru

The Deer Wagon: Traded My Silverado for a Subaru—and Don’t Regret It There’s an old joke about people confessing sins in church, where the preacher says, “Tell it all, brother!” This goes well until one man, in the enthusiasm of the moment, shares too much information. The preacher replies, “I wouldn’t have told that, brother!” … Read more

Bowhunter Overhauls His Hunting Property to Tag 185-Inch Buck

Indiana Bowhunter Overhauls His Hunting Property to Tag 185-Inch Buck Indiana bowhunter Drew Rutledge discovered a particular buck four years ago and recognized its potential. By 2022, the buck had become a heavy 10-pointer. This hunting season, it had grown even larger. “Over the last four years, I have amassed hundreds of photos of the … Read more

College Kid Shoots Record Turkey in Minnesota

College Kid’s First Turkey Sets Record Emma Dearing waited eight years to shoot her first turkey, but it was worth it. Her tom is likely to become Minnesota’s top typical turkey ever taken. Dearing’s gobbler is massive. Weighing 23.74 pounds, it had an 11.25-inch beard and spurs measuring 2 inches and 1 15/16 inches. The … Read more

Three Women in a Minivan Stole This Bear Dog

Three Women Stole Bear Hound Because It Was “Forced” to Hunt A family from Rural Retreat, Virginia, offers a $1,000 reward for information on a missing bear hound taken by three women in a maroon van with Florida license plates. Rocky Deel and his 11-year-old son Charlie had collected their dogs after an unsuccessful day … Read more

How in the Hell Do You Miss a Turkey

How to Miss a Turkey Whitetail bucks, antelope, and bull elk can all evade your arrow or shot due to various circumstances. But what about turkeys? With a souped-up turkey gun loaded with the hottest TSS loads, how is it possible to miss a turkey within 40 yards? Surprisingly, even the most experienced turkey hunters … Read more

Best Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics for Halloween Week

Best Deer Hunting Tips for Halloween Week If I had one week to deer hunt, I’d choose Halloween week. Over the past three years, I’ve observed a noticeable increase in bucks moving during daylight hours around this time. In fact, two years ago, I harvested the largest buck on our farm on October 24th, and … Read more