Best Binoculars for Hunting of 2024 Tested and Reviewed

The Best Binoculars for Hunting of 2024, Tested and Reviewed More reliable than a rifle and more portable than a pack, a binocular is essential to a hunter. A good binocular brings far-away objects closer and helps you find animals, identify approach routes, and see your surroundings in vibrant high resolution. Additionally, a good binocular … Read more

All Is Not As It Appears in the Professional Hunter World

All Is Not As It Appears in the “Professional” Hunter and Influencer World As a kid, I flip through hunting magazines, devouring stories. Dreaming of becoming an outdoor writer myself, I imagine a carefree lifestyle of unlimited successful hunting, all funded by big-name magazines. I expect a hefty paycheck or a blank check for hunting … Read more

Bowhunter Tags 19-Point Buck During Heat Wave

Bowhunter Tags 19-Point Kansas Buck During Heat Wave Mike Potter has hunted his 160-acre property in Atchison County, Kansas for 10 years. He tags a buck every year, even though he now travels there from his home in Byron Center, Michigan. This season, he killed his best buck yet, on a hot, muggy day when … Read more

A Moose Hunt in the Unmapped Yukon From the Archives

A Moose Hunt in the Unmapped Yukon, From the Archives This story, “We Hunted off the Map,” first appeared in the April 1959 issue. It’s the third of Elliot’s stories from his time in Alaska, during which he also hunted Dall sheep and caribou. I PERCHED on the edge of a pannier, in fascination. Paul … Read more

Single Bevel Broadheads Everything Bowhunters Need to Know

If you’re a bowhunter, you’ve likely heard of single bevel broadheads. Once whispered about in archery shops, these broadheads have now become mainstream. Some believe they are the ultimate tool for bowhunting, while others have concerns. So, what’s the deal with single bevel broadheads? And should you use them? As an experienced writer who has … Read more

Caught Between Two Rutting Bulls From the Archives

Caught Between Two Rutting Bulls, From the Archives This story, Double Trouble, originally appeared in the September 1998 issue of Outdoor Life. SOMETIME EARLIER that afternoon I had given up. My aching muscles and discouraged spirit signaled the end of the hunt. I would keep my eyes open on my way back to camp, but … Read more

The Yira Buck A 190-Class Wisconsin Giant

The Yira Buck: A 190-Class Whitetail That Survived Four Years of Hunting, Two Arrows, and a Car Accident The Yira family are die-hard deer hunters. Greta and her husband Jordan spend a lot of time matching wits with mature whitetails, which is no easy feat. It takes grit, knowledge, and good fortune to consistently outsmart … Read more

Hunter s First Deer Is an Old 8-Point Leucistic Buck

Hunter’s First Deer Is an Old, 8-Point Leucistic Buck Just ask John Bralley from Draper, Virginia. In the days leading up to his first successful deer hunt, the 40-year-old happened to make a new friend, secure an invite to a new patch of land, get rare vacation time, and borrow a muzzleloader. Sitting in a … Read more