Dads and Caribou

Dads and Caribou With my boys no longer tiny babies, I decided last minute in July that it was the year for an Alaskan adventure. Because few can drop off the grid for 10-plus days with only a month’s notice, my circle of potential partners was small. But my pal James Barkman was in with … Read more

Feed Your Dog Invasive Nutria Treats Help Save Wetlands

Feed Your Dog Nutria Treats, Help Save Louisiana’s Wetlands? Marsh Dog, a family-owned Louisiana company that started in 2012, sells three versions of dog treats made with meat from nutria—an invasive rodent that has destroyed marsh grass in Louisiana. The company was recently acquired by Chasing Our Tails, a Minnesota-based dog treat and food company … Read more

Ohio Bowhunter Tags 197-Inch on Small 50-Acre Plot

Ohio Bowhunter Tags 197-Inch ‘Brother Buck’ on a Small, 50-Acre Property For the last 30 years, Pat Clouse has been bowhunting, passing on big bucks to observe their growth. He has focused on honing his skills on small plots of rolling farmland in west-central Ohio. In 2017, Clouse gained access to a new 50-acre tract … Read more

No Man s Land The Hunt for a Giant Kansas Buck

No Man’s Land: The Hunt for a Giant Kansas Buck THE BUCK we were waiting for appeared just before last shooting light. He emerged from Johnson grass 50 yards away from the blind. I prepared my crossbow and aimed at the buck as he approached us from the side. I took the shot and heard … Read more

The Most Underrated Hunting Dog Breeds

The Most Underrated Hunting Dog Breeds As an owner and breeder of the rare hunting dog breed, the Deutsch Langhaar, I receive numerous questions from fellow bird hunters unfamiliar with the gun dogs I follow each fall in pursuit of grouse, Hungarian partridge, chukar, quail, and other birds. I appreciate that my dog is equally … Read more

I Ditched a Bogus Outfitter for a True Trophy Moose Hunt

Title: A True Moose Hunt Adventure There were two moose on the shore of the lake, both cows. One was an emaciated big old girl, and the other was a smaller, healthier yearling. The older cow was feeding in shallow water near the marshy shore, unperturbed by our canoe approaching. The younger cow, however, remained … Read more

How to Kill a Limit of Teal Without a Single Decoy

How to Efficiently Hunt Teal Without Floating Decoys Teal season, marking the beginning of duck season, is an opportunity for waterfowlers to sharpen their skills after a long hiatus without ducks. However, many hunters make the mistake of using excessive decoys, thinking that a larger spread will yield more kills. This assumption is incorrect. While … Read more