Bowhunter Ends 3-Year Quest for Giant Oklahoma 11-Pointer Outdoor Life

Bowhunter Ends 3-Year Quest for 180-Class Oklahoma Buck Kelsie Jo Harris finally tagged her 11-point buck, nicknamed “George Long Tines,” after a three-year pursuit. Despite missing the buck last season, Harris successfully ended her quest for the legendary deer on November 1st, 8 a.m. Harris expresses her gratitude for the experience with George Long Tines, … Read more

5 Lessons About Deer Calling from Expert Hunters Outdoor Life

5 Things I Learned About Calling Deer from Expert Hunters When it comes to calling deer, there are no magic tricks. Unsuccessful or uneventful calling is usually due to a lack of strategy. Hunters often call at random times in random conditions, hoping a buck will come into range. However, random tactics rarely work in … Read more

Hunting Camp in Michigan Evacuated by Wildfire Outdoor Life

13 evacuated from Michigan hunting camp as wildfire burns thousands of acres A wildfire in Michigan has prompted the evacuation of 13 individuals from a local hunting camp. The fire, reported on Friday, has burned approximately 2,200 acres as of Monday morning. Turkey season in Michigan runs until May 31. Officials estimate the Blue Lakes … Read more

Dumb Thief Tries to Cut Down Tree Stand Loses Saw to Tree Outdoor Life

Dumb Thief Loses Chainsaw to Tree While Attempting to Steal Tree Stand Authorities in central Minnesota are investigating a bizarre crime involving a tree stand, a damaged hardwood, and a thief who’s dumber than the average vandal. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reported this incident on Nov. 14. Based on the evidence at the … Read more

A 7-Year-Old Boy s First Bear Outdoor Life

A 7-Year-Old Boy’s First Bear A bear walked through an opening in the alders, triggering a surge of adrenaline. “A bear’s coming, get ready.” I whispered instructions in Jed’s ear as he was picking almonds out of the small plastic container I was holding. I slipped the snacks into the backpack between my legs and … Read more