College Kid Shoots Record Turkey in Minnesota

College Kid’s First Turkey Sets Record Emma Dearing waited eight years to shoot her first turkey, but it was worth it. Her tom is likely to become Minnesota’s top typical turkey ever taken. Dearing’s gobbler is massive. Weighing 23.74 pounds, it had an 11.25-inch beard and spurs measuring 2 inches and 1 15/16 inches. The … Read more

Choir in the Pines The Dogmen of the South

Choir in the Pines: The Dogmen of the South While you’ll see incredible dog work (and fine horse work) at this field trial, it’s more than a competition. Among the longleaf pines, a sanctuary nurtures the spirit of bird dogs and traditions. Church At sunrise, bobwhite quail sing in the morning to open Sunday service, … Read more

Debunking the Infamous Rifle Knockdown Power Myth

Debunking the Infamous Rifle Knockdown Power Myth For generations, gun writers have endlessly discussed knockdown power, a topic that never seems to lose its appeal among readers. Personally, I have refrained from contributing to this topic not because I lack opinions, but because I have too many. However, recent research has brought forth documented evidence, … Read more

A Reality Check On South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Reality Check: South Dakota Pheasant Hunting After an hour of anticipation, my black Lab Otis took off in pursuit of a rooster. I followed, imagining the bird darting through the grass. As predicted, a young rooster burst from the cover and fell to the ground, caught by Otis. With one bird down and two more … Read more