Caught Between Two Rutting Bulls From the Archives

Caught Between Two Rutting Bulls, From the Archives This story, Double Trouble, originally appeared in the September 1998 issue of Outdoor Life. SOMETIME EARLIER that afternoon I had given up. My aching muscles and discouraged spirit signaled the end of the hunt. I would keep my eyes open on my way back to camp, but … Read more

Hunter s First Deer Is an Old 8-Point Leucistic Buck

Hunter’s First Deer Is an Old, 8-Point Leucistic Buck Just ask John Bralley from Draper, Virginia. In the days leading up to his first successful deer hunt, the 40-year-old happened to make a new friend, secure an invite to a new patch of land, get rare vacation time, and borrow a muzzleloader. Sitting in a … Read more

A High Schooler s Perspective on Trophy Hunting

A High Schooler’s Perspective on “Trophy Hunting” This story originally ran in the 2021 No. 4 Issue of Outdoor Life. Find out how to read more stories from that issue here.In early November, on a warm, breezy evening a few days after my high school’s football team lost a state playoff game, I filled my … Read more

No U S Hunters Won t Get Refunds for Canadian Hunts

Jim Shockey on the Real Trouble With the Border Closure: Here’s Why It’s Not So Easy to “Roll Over” Your Outfitted Canadian Hunt The Canadian border will likely open in the next few weeks, but American hunters who booked trips last year will have a difficult time making their dream hunts happen this year. Canadian … Read more

Is Hunting with Cellular Trail Cameras Fair Chase or Cheating

Is Hunting with Cellular Trail Cameras Fair Chase or Cheating? Last week we published a story about the best cellular trail cameras, where my colleagues and I reviewed various models over several months. The setup process was daunting, but the testing was fun and the results were illuminating. High-quality cellular cameras now cost about $100, … Read more

Aaron Warbritton on How to Hunt the Rut on Public Land

Aaron Warbritton on Hunting the Rut on Public Land The most important factor affecting whitetail rutting activity is hunting pressure. This is especially true on busy public lands or pressured private lands. Deer do not change their rut timing due to hunting pressure, but they do adapt to avoid hunters, even during the rut. Aaron … Read more

How to Turkey Hunt

How to Turkey Hunt Few things in hunting rival the excitement of a tom turkey’s thundering gobble from the limb before first light. When that gobbler struts into range and you make a perfect shot, it’s one of the most thrilling hunts in America. Plus, you’ll have delicious wild turkey meat to bring home. Leaving … Read more

Last Season Hunters Harvested the Most Bucks in 21 Years

U.S. Deer Hunters Harvested More Bucks Last Season Than Any Season in the Past 21 Years Whitetail deer hunters in the United States had a successful season. According to the National Deer Association (NDA), hunters harvested around 6.3 million whitetails during the 2020-21 season, the highest U.S. deer harvest since 2011. Of those whitetails, about … Read more

Missouri Whitetail Travels Nearly 200 Miles

A Whitetail Buck’s Epic 200-Mile Journey A groundbreaking study has revealed an astonishing story of wanderlust in the world of whitetail deer. During the 2017 rut, a mature buck in Missouri surpassed all expectations by traveling a staggering 200 miles in just 22 days, averaging an impressive 8.5 miles per day. Published in the journal … Read more