Bowhunter Tags Double Palmated Buck After Passing It Two Years

Bowhunter Tags Double Palmated Buck After 2-Year Wait In the heat of the rut, South Dakota bowhunter Shauna Woodward patiently waited for a unique palmated whitetail buck nicknamed “Moose.” Glassing from her favorite spot on her 1,000-acre cattle ranch, Woodward watched bucks chase does and fight each other. She sat near a grove of cedar … Read more

Bowhunter Overhauls His Hunting Property to Tag 185-Inch Buck

Indiana Bowhunter Overhauls His Hunting Property to Tag 185-Inch Buck Indiana bowhunter Drew Rutledge discovered a particular buck four years ago and recognized its potential. By 2022, the buck had become a heavy 10-pointer. This hunting season, it had grown even larger. “Over the last four years, I have amassed hundreds of photos of the … Read more

Elk Hunting Tips and Tactics

The Ultimate Guide to Elk Hunting For every American whitetail hunter, Western elk hunting is aspirational, calling to them the way Cooperstown calls to a Little Leaguer. The impossibly heavy and branching antlers of bulls are as alluring as the soaring mountains where they live, and the mythology of elk is filled with Western romance: … Read more

Bowhunter Tags a 230-Inch Buck on Opening Day

Oklahoma Bowhunter Tags 230-Inch, 30-Point Buck on Opening Day On the opening day of Oklahoma’s bow season, Ethan Kile tagged a massive buck that he’d chased throughout the 2022 season without success. He killed the 30-point buck on Oct. 1 while bowhunting a small, 40-acre parcel of private land in Gavin County. “Friends and I … Read more

Best Places to Hang Tree Stands for Bowhunting Season

The Best Places to Hang Tree Stands for Bowhunting Season My tree stand placement strategy used to involve leaning a 10-foot homemade ladder stand against a tree for maximum visibility. But I soon realized that there is a big difference between deer hunting and deer killing. To put meat in the freezer, I had to … Read more

Oregon Bowhunter Arrows State-Record Roosevelt Bull

Oregon Bowhunter Arrows New State-Record Cascade Roosevelt Bull After more than two decades of hunting and five years of chasing the same bull, Josh Kelsey learned a crucial lesson: to kill the biggest elk in the woods, you must become the biggest elk in the woods. The 35-year-old Oregon bowhunter reveals that most of his … Read more

Bloodlines One Hunter s Choice Shapes Three Generations

Bloodlines: How Bowhunter’s Decision Is Shaping Three Generations’ Hunting Journey THE SOUND OF drops on my rain jacket echoed in my ears as I sat against a soggy oak tree, the lightweight recurve resting in my lap, arrow fletchings laden with water. The weather matched my mood. My first year as a traditional bowhunter fell … Read more

Black Bear Bites Wisconsin Bowhunter

Black Bear Bites Wisconsin Bowhunter Dalton Roach had a close encounter with a black bear that nearly cost him his life. Roach, a minor-league pitcher in the St. Louis Cardinals organization, was deer hunting on his family’s farm in Eau Claire, Wis., when the bear approached. He started recording the bear with his cellphone before … Read more

Missouri Bowhunter Tags Giant 21-Point Buck

Missouri Bowhunter Kills 21-Point Buck at Close Range Troy Broyles, a Missouri State Trooper and avid bowhunter, recently achieved a remarkable feat by taking down a massive 21-point buck from just eight yards away. Broyles, who currently resides in southern Missouri near Thayer, has spent years building relationships with local landowners, securing permission to hunt … Read more

Bowhunter Tags 19-Point Buck During Heat Wave

Bowhunter Tags 19-Point Kansas Buck During Heat Wave Mike Potter has hunted his 160-acre property in Atchison County, Kansas for 10 years. He tags a buck every year, even though he now travels there from his home in Byron Center, Michigan. This season, he killed his best buck yet, on a hot, muggy day when … Read more