The Deer Wagon I Traded My Silverado for a Subaru

The Deer Wagon: Traded My Silverado for a Subaru—and Don’t Regret It There’s an old joke about people confessing sins in church, where the preacher says, “Tell it all, brother!” This goes well until one man, in the enthusiasm of the moment, shares too much information. The preacher replies, “I wouldn’t have told that, brother!” … Read more

How in the Hell Do You Miss a Turkey

How to Miss a Turkey Whitetail bucks, antelope, and bull elk can all evade your arrow or shot due to various circumstances. But what about turkeys? With a souped-up turkey gun loaded with the hottest TSS loads, how is it possible to miss a turkey within 40 yards? Surprisingly, even the most experienced turkey hunters … Read more

Ben Lilly and His Desert Grizzly Hunt from the Archives

Ben Lilly and the Desert Grizzly, From the Archives ONE AFTERNOON in the spring of 1910, Ben Lilly arrived in the Mexican town of Gallegos, Chihuahua. He was accompanied by five dogs that seemed dispirited from their arduous journey. Lilly greeted his dogs, one of which he named “Lady” and another named “Red.” The other … Read more

How to Identify and Cook Pheasant Back Mushrooms

Identifying and Cooking Pheasant Back Mushrooms April and May are favorite months for mushroom hunters. With warm weather and spring rains, mushrooms start popping up everywhere, making it prime time for foraging. While morel mushrooms are popular, there are other edible wild mushrooms that often go overlooked, like the pheasant back mushroom. The pheasant back … Read more

Did Your Turkey Season Suck You re Not Alone

Did Your Turkey Season Suck? You’re Not Alone I’m seriously asking: Did your turkey season suck? If no, then this piece isn’t for you. But say yes. Please, say yes. I really don’t want to be the only one. My third spring turkey season has come and gone, and for the second season in a … Read more

How a Riding Accident Helped Turn Me Into a Hunter

This Happened to Me: How a Riding Accident Turned Me Into a Hunter I see the pasture through my binoculars. Dry grass and dead balsamroot poke through patches of snow. Lichen-covered boulders litter the drainage, crumbs that tumbled from the rock spires shooting out of the ridgeline above. There is no “above treeline” in the … Read more

White Turkey Legs and Curly Toenails What s with These Toms

White Turkey Legs and Curly Toenails: What’s Up With These Longbeards? Turkey season is in full swing, and some unusual birds are popping up on our newsfeeds. From leucistic toms to turkeys with multiple beards, these unique gobblers are catching hunters’ attention. We asked a turkey biologist to explain the unusual feet and legs of … Read more