Deer Attack Videos Whitetails Fight Bulls Gore Rams and Stomp Hawks

Deer Attack Videos Whitetails Fight Bulls Gore Rams and Stomp Hawks Outdoor Life

Deer Attack Videos: Whitetails Fight Bulls, Gore Rams, and Stomp Hawks

For millions of American hunters, whitetail deer are everything. We obsess over big bucks year-round. Right now, those bucks are growing antlers and hanging out in groups. But when the days get shorter and their antlers harden, bucks separate from their groups. Deer that spent the summer together become rivals. And during the rut, whitetail bucks engage in epic fights, sometimes to the death. Surprisingly, they’re not afraid to fight other creatures as well.

Thanks to social media, we now have access to incredible videos of whitetail behavior from all over the country. Even experienced hunters are amazed by many of these videos.

YouTube has a treasure trove of videos capturing unbelievable whitetail activity. To celebrate aggressive whitetails and their peculiar behaviors, I’ve compiled some of the wildest videos available.

Buck vs. Bull

Titled “Buck vs Bull,” this video was recorded in late November 2020 from a vehicle. The 1-minute, 13-second clip shows a rutting buck with a swollen neck walking stiff-legged and sideways towards a large black angus bull. This posture is familiar to anyone who has successfully hunted mature whitetails using a buck decoy. Experts say that bucks angle towards rivals to make themselves appear bigger.

Despite the bull’s size and strength, the deer initiates the confrontation with repeated nose-to-nose interactions. With its sharp antlers, the buck seems to get the upper hand as the sparring match continues in the barnyard. Eventually, the bull retreats and moves away.

Ram vs. Buck

Another incredible rutting buck video was captured in southeast Texas in late November 2017. This 1-minute video, titled “Ram vs Buck,” has been shared on multiple pages and has garnered over 6 million views.

Deer Attack Videos Whitetails Fight Bulls Gore Rams and Stomp Hawks Outdoor Life

The scene takes place at a deer feeder, behind a high fence on the Tierra de Dios ranch. Does and a massive South Texas buck are peacefully browsing when a muscular white ram appears and immediately confronts the deer.

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The ram charges and butts heads with the buck, using its powerful shoulders and neck to collide with the deer. However, the buck’s wide and formidable rack and considerable strength allow it to hold its own.

After a brief struggle, the buck uses its antlers to twist the ram around, jabbing at its haunches. The ram starts to flee, but the buck relentlessly pursues, aiming to strike its rack into the ram’s hams. The videographer’s whispered “what the hell?” captures the astonishment of witnessing this encounter.

Doe vs. Hawk

Although not involving a rutting buck, this video is too captivating to leave out. It has accumulated 2.2 million views and was recorded by a remote camera in Nordic Mountain Country Park, Wisconsin. The footage shows a small field enclosed by timber, where a hawk swoops down and captures a rabbit in the grass.

The rabbit begins squealing as the hawk goes about its business. Attracted by the distressed rabbit’s cries, a doe suddenly appears on the scene. The video was filmed in June 2021, a time when does would be protective of their fawns and mistake the rabbit’s distress calls for that of a fawn.

The doe repeatedly stomps on the hawk with its front legs, causing the bird to release the rabbit. Although the stomping isn’t clearly visible, the doe’s relentless assault leaves no doubt about the hawk’s fate. The bird never takes flight again, and the doe continues her attack until the hawk is visibly lifeless.

At one point, another doe joins the scene, only to be chased away by the first doe, who then returns to the beaten raptor and resumes her assault until it’s clearly deceased.