How to Get Into Backpacking Shape for Mountain Hunts Outdoor Life

The Average Joe’s Training Program: Get Into Backpacking Shape for Mountain Hunts I felt beaten and broken. Each step was painful, and my legs couldn’t support the weight on my back. It wasn’t the fault of the 3,600-cubic-inch backpack. It was high quality and perfectly fitted to my torso. I trained relentlessly with one goal: … Read more

The Best States For Hunting Whitetail Bucks in Velvet Outdoor Life

Tagging a Velvet Whitetail Buck (and the Best States to Do It) In the past decade, many bowhunters have become obsessed with shooting a whitetail buck in velvet. This pursuit takes place in late August and early September when the temperatures are hot, the ticks are active, and cottonmouths are still a threat. It’s not … Read more

How to Avoid Vital Dead Zones with Shot Placement Outdoor Life

The Dead-Zone Paradox: Shot Placement Deception on Big Game On the eighth day of a 10-day September archery elk hunt in southwestern Montana, I, a nonresident due to skyrocketing housing prices, joined a friend. We tirelessly covered endless country, interrupted only by a few encounters and the unrelenting afternoon heat. While hiding behind a spruce … Read more

North Carolina Hunter Shoots Three-Horned 12-Point Buck Outdoor Life

North Carolina Hunter Shoots “Three-Horned” 12-Point Buck Jamie Moore of Stokesdale, N.C. had trail camera photos of a buck nicknamed “Captain Hook.” But the three-horn, 12-point buck was inconsistent in its movements on his family-owned Person County farm. Moore works early morning shifts and could only hunt the family property in afternoons, usually arriving to … Read more

A New Record North Dakota Ram Thanks to Teamwork Outdoor Life

Teamwork Leads to a New Record North Dakota Ram When one thinks of bighorn sheep hunting, snowy mountain crests, stony crags, and alpine meadows usually come to mind. But before settlement, bighorns ranged onto the prairies and plains; sheep thrived in the badlands, rough country and breaks where the land was cut by rivers. Western … Read more

5 Late-Season Mallard Strategies Outdoor Life

5 Strategies for Limiting on Late-Season Mallards Now is the time that mallards become tough to kill. Hens and drakes are pairing up, becoming more solemn and less interested in being around other ducks. However, mallards will still congregate in large groups on hidden waters to avoid hunting pressure. To successfully hunt late-season greenheads, you … Read more